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I realize that my blog, while titled Law and Motherhood, is more often than not about motherhood. That is due to the fact that practicing law while being a practicing mommy is frickin’ hard. Fitting in a law practice around diapers, swim lessons, nursing, and active involved parenting is like trying to cram square pegs into round holes.

However, I did finally manage to complete my first complaint, and file it (with some help from local counsel.) Today I got the following email:

Help us take back the Endangered Species Act.
Donate today.

Dear Misty,

The Center filed six lawsuits this month challenging Fish & Wildlife Service decisions on endangered species – decisions that were tainted by corrupt political appointees of George W. Bush.

Our suits follow a September notice of intent to sue over 55 species that were subject to high-level political interference by Bush bureaucrats ignoring science to serve industry interests. We filed notice, we’re filing suit — and this is just the beginning. The suits are the first phase of a national campaign aimed at reversing illegal decisions to remove protection for more than 50 endangered species and 8.7 million acres of land.

Help us keep up the pressure as we fight to take back the Endangered Species Act from politicians and their industry cronies!

Our goal is to raise $250,000 from members like you by December 31st. Once we do that the money will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a special challenge grant. Click here to make a gift now and help us move these cases forward. Together we can secure crucial protections for the imperiled wildlife the Bush administration wants to sacrifice.

As the Center’s Michael Senatore put it, “These are some of the most endangered species in the United States. It’s outrageous that federal scientists were blocked from protecting them by political appointees in Washington, DC.”

We need your help now to mount a legal challenge to the inactions and abuse of our endangered species laws by the Bush administration.

Please make a donation today. Your gift will go twice as far, because it will be matched dollar-for-dollar. And that’s great news for animals and plants on the brink of extinction.

Thanks in advance.


Michael Finkelstein
Executive Director

Guess what? I am a part of one of those six lawsuits! Yes indeedy! I have a dash of law mingled into that motherhood!

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