Tiny men with pickaxes…

are picking, picking, picking at my brain.
The sun is piercing in it’s brightness.
Sounds make me want to cry.

It’s migraine time again.

Is it really true that the baby is extra cantankerous today or am I lacking in ability to deal?
Have an inordinate number of emergency vehicles actually driven past my house this morning or am I just noticing them more?
Is there truly a significant increase in honking horns on this day’s commute or do I simply have an increased sensitivity?

There seems to be no dark, no quiet, and no way to escape the tiny men with pickaxes….picking at my brain.

3 thoughts on “Tiny men with pickaxes…”

  1. I’m sorry your brain is breaking.

    I wrote a pair of haikus on the flu, with you in mind!

  2. Thanks guys!!
    I feel better now that the seven little dwarfs aren’t mining my brainmatter any longer.

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