A non whiney update post…

Sorry about the rather whiney nature of the past two weeks, our house has been invaded by the sick monsters! However, today, on this crisp cold morning, when all noses have been wiped and all children are healthy, I feel…cheery!

Okay, Otter still has copious snot faucet abilities, and the cutest cough I have ever heard, but he is no longer covered head to toe in a rash, nor is he feverish beyond the pale. I never thought I would be thrilled to see rivers of snot, but I am.

Monkey has avoided the flu (furiously knocking on wood) and is off at school, happily ready to face the day. (It is playground day, she is happily ready to face playground day, any day.)

I have driven the little men with pickaxes out of my skull and bade them never to return. (Evil pickaxe wielding devils.)

My roommate has begun speaking in what he refers to as “typo” while sifting through the mail.
“Grabage, grabage, grabage…. garbage…didn’t misspell it that time…. grabage…. it always happens when I start typing too fast…. grabage.”
It’s never dull at my house, as long as you tune in and listen.

Well, now that I am well, the kids are well, and the hubby is well, I have to work today! I need to start researching my Motion for Summary Judgment in earnest. I was waiting until settlement seemed unlikely, so I wouldn’t drive up the cost of the litigation. However, now it seems unlikely, so off to the online library I will go, seeking past decisions to back my case up!!

I will also have to visit the grocery store today, so my family doesn’t lack milk, meat, eggs, cereal, and fruit. (I can make a lot of bean and onion soups still though!!)

Why is it the day after you have worked your tush off treating the sick is always the busiest of all.

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  1. I’m glad everyone is feeling better!!

    And I know exactly what you mean about the nablopomo thing. I am NOT doing it next month, haha.

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