A few changes…

No, I have not adopted an ape and an otter, so if you have noticed the appearance of Monkey and Otter in recent posts, don’t worry, the menagerie has not grown. After two years of blogging and reaching over 400 posts I finally decided to use nicknames for my children (because doing so at 100 posts would have been too easy).
I have been going back through posts and editing them to reflect the change. Why? I guess I felt the need to add a thin veneer of mystery to the sordid details of our lives. Okay, and I will also be posting a few times a month for Attachment Parenting International, on their API Speaks blog. I guess I figured that might result in some more traffic here, and since I will officially be leaving the land of “family update” blogs and entering the land of “some other type of blog” I feel the need for additional privacy. At least for the kids. Hubby is still fair game.

So, my first post should be up on API speaks soon, if you want to pop over and see it! I will be posting it here too, once it is up, so you can also just wait. However, if you go see it on their blog, then you can check out all their other cool contributors as well, so you might want to give it a go!

4 thoughts on “A few changes…”

  1. I know some other people that have done this, and I have to admit I think it’s strange. Anyone who really wants to know the true identities of your mammal masked munchkins could probably do so with minimal investigation. I guess it makes digging up information on them take three google searches instead of one, but that seems like very minimal protection. I can certainly understand why I would want to do something like that, what are your specific reasons?

  2. Specifically, I guess to stop “crimes of opportunity” more than determined masterminds of internet criminology.

    Much like a lock on a front door. Keeps the honest honest, since most don’t stop crowbars.

    I was really resistant to doing this, especially as you are right, there is little to stop a determined person from figuring out who we are.

    However, as a lawyer who used to represent abused kids, and a mother who doesn’t put their names on their clothes so strangers can’t get them from them and use them to lure my children away, I felt the need to add that layer of protection. At least I can block the lazier would be child predators.

  3. BTW…I have been missing the heck out of you and your family, and I can’t even begin to imagine a summer without one of your parties.

    Please tell me you will throw one when I come back to visit?


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