No weekly winners for me!

Instead, I got a totally stuffed up snotty baby with a high fever, a hyper active child with attention seeking behaviors, and a long weekend of stress. It was one of those kids all over you, never wanting to play alone or be set down kinda weekends. I am still twitching.

I had to cancel my weekly sanity break with my friends, because Otter is so sick he wants to nurse all the damn time. It sucked.

On the upside, an old friend came into the town and stopped over to see us. Lee held the grouchy man whilst I donned my new apron and made a nice pork tenderloin for dinner. Then Lee sent me out to grab dessert for everyone, as we don’t normally carry sweets in the house, so I picked up Rum Raisin Gelato and Butter Cookies. They were pretty good.

Of course, when I returned, Otter was so traumatized by my leaving that I nursed him for another hour and a half before he would sleep.

I hope he gets over this soon. It is really intense. He doesn’t want to do anything by lie in my lap and suck on me. I feel so dehydrated, and so… well… trapped. Ugh.

Tomorrow is a school holiday too… so it will be a whole day of bored six year old and sick baby.

Grant me patience please.

3 thoughts on “No weekly winners for me!”

  1. Sympathy & hugs from Nama. Have Miss Bear call me tomorrow & I’ll entertain her for a while. I wish I could come over & help out. Cool, wet washcloth for Oliver instead. Maybe I can talk to him, too. Tell Miss Bear I love the book she wrote for Da & me & would certainly appreciate another. Love you, Catt.

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