Growing pains…

I am so happy to be home, but I am still aching a little for New Jersey.

There were so many things I did to cheer myself there, and to feel at home. I miss the little routines I developed with my kids, and my friends. It strikes me at odd moments.

This morning I went looking for coffee in the kitchen and missed the fun local coffee section of the Wegman’s. Missing it got me thinking; no more Wegman’s, no more Dunkin Donuts, no more walking path, no more unexpected bodies of water.

Living somewhere new is hard, very hard, but it turn’s out that leaving somewhere new is hard too. I feel all adrift again. I have to make these routines all over again, back home, just as if I had moved to a new place. It’s made a little easier by the number of friends and family I have here, but it is still a little strange, a little lonely.

On the upside, I got my fantastic kitchen mixer from Dustin yesterday (THANK YOU D!!) and have already whipped up some delicious whole wheat shortbread cookies.

It’s easier to adjust to a new place with cookies. It’s a scientifically proven fact.

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