Mixing “work” and motherhood…

Ugh. I am trying really hard to get my contract practice together, but everything is still in the pipeline.

In the meantime, we are still bleeding money. Well, not bleeding exactly… more like gushing.

If it was possible, I could go get a job somewhere traditional 9-5 ish and get a paycheck coming in. The problem with that is that I would have to make a pretty ridiculous salary to pay all the bills I need to pay and the additional costs of daycare.

Nope. My current plan, work from home for attorneys doing the work they either can’t get to or have no interest in getting to, is a better plan.

If, of course, it works.

Currently I am reading up on the draft Rules for Oil and Gas development in Colorado while listening to Madagascar in the background. My children are watching the aforementioned film, and are about to be bribed into additional good behavior with watermelon and goldfish.

I am uncovering the self that was excited by things like Comprehensive Drilling Plans and Environmental Impact Statements. She was buried under several layers of domesticity, and I think I had to wipe off some quiche residue and baking flour when I brought her out. She is a little rusty, and sometimes rolls her eyes at the legalese, but she did manage to enjoy reading the new proposed regulations last night, and is looking forward to the remaining 147 pages. (Okay, kind of looking forward to them.)

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