Stomach bugs suck.

Blogging, work, and family have all taken a backseat to praying to the porcelain goddess.
I hate that after my kids get sick, I get sick. I understand the mechanics behind it, but I don’t appreciate it. One would think spending a week and a half caring for fractious ill offspring would be enough, but nope, it’s not, now I have to have it too. Bleah.

On the upside, Monkey has done very well taking care of her brother while I lie on the tile of my bathroom. She has been entertaining him, finding him snacks, and helping him get by with a bit less mommy. I am lucky to have such a helpful girl.

Otter has become a fastidious baby these days, he has started wiping his mouth with a napkin while he is eating. He takes it very seriously, as it is something all us big people do, and it is adorable to see him grab a napkin and swipe at his mouth in between bites. He is also giving kisses on request now, though we call them “Meh”‘s. The statement “Give Nama a Meh Otter!!” will result in wide open drooly baby mouth heading Nama’s way. He is sleeping well in his big boy bed, happy to share a room with sister and have a little more sleeping space to himself. He has even started to self soothe, which I never thought would happen.

Now, if I could only shake this cold, finish the codicil and complaint I am working on, and go back to rainmaking, I might someday have something remotely resembling a practice on my hands. Currently it’s just a sickroom with business cards.

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