Catching my breath…

Man has it been a whirlwind three weeks.

Between my contract position, my family, and my practice I have been averaging about 14 hours a day. I have been working on weekends. I have not touched a dish or the mop.

(I finally hired someone to take the housework burden off my husband, the dear man has had weeks of 14 hour days too what with all my slack lying around for him to pick up.)

I am struggling to decide if I should sign up for the next project. We are revelling in having enough money to go around for a change but I am losing my momentum, my sleep, and my mind. My son is miserable with me leaving for work everyday and has started crawling into my lap and crying “No work! No work!” when I get ready to leave in the morning. My daughter is acting out even more now that she is getting even less of my time and attention. I haven’t had a date with my spouse in weeks and I wouldn’t be able to stay awake for one even if I did.

On the other hand, the holidays are coming up and this is the first year in three when we have the opportunity to start the holiday season with surplus cash. We can get new loft beds for the kids room and open up more of their small space for play. We can get actual gifts for people this year instead of little tokens. We can travel to see family, splurge on a nice hayride or two, and enjoy a holiday season relieved of the stress of an extraordinarily tight budget.

All I have to do is continue with the work marathon and forgo many more weekends. I am not sure what I should do. On the one hand I am enjoying being a regular contributor to the family bank, on the other I miss slow days spent reading to my son and making pie with the kids. I miss my role as Mom more than I enjoy what I am doing but I am so tired of just not making it.

I wonder if I will feel like a complete failure if I walk away and go back to a paycheck to paycheck existence as I wait for my cases to close.

4 thoughts on “Catching my breath…”

  1. Only you can make YOU feel like a success or a failure. I don’t think it’s as black and white as all that. Instead, keep in mind that if you skip the next doc review gig, there will ALWAYS be another one right after that. You can take the time off, see how you feel about it and then talk to the mgr about coming back again in X time period.

    I don’t recommend working yourself into exhaustion. I don’t recommend calling yourself a failure either. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t worry about not having enough $ for “real” Xmas presents either. Cover your own kids. Everyone else should be grown up enough to get over it.

  2. Is it possible to take a week or two off, then do another round- just to get a little extra for emergencies like dead computers, etc? Is it possible to do them sporadically, or do you have to commit to continual string of them?

  3. As for Christmas presents, I’m with Hatchet all the way. If you’re home and have the extra time, you could bake some awesome cookies or something as gifts.

    Everyone likes awesome cookies. EVERYONE.

  4. That is a hard one. I know I love being a SAHM. I’ve recently taken on school again and find myself lacking for time for all my prior commitments. I too love having time for the kids yet feel drawn to doing something else. Someday I might even work again! Money makes things easier but you need your sanity too.

    I agree with Monica, everyone likes cookies.

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