When did that happen!?!?

Here I was, just working too much and running around like a crazy person, when this little baby girl I once knew grew forty feet, entered the third grade, joined the band and got GLASSES!! Now she is playing the flute, reading everything she can get her hands on, playing chess on the computer in her downtime and borrowing clothes from her Aunty Mop. (Granted my dear friend is a very small woman, but STILL!)

Here is a look at the new Monkey. (Monkey 8.0)

Contemplative Monkey
Contemplative Monkey
Tall Monkey in Aunty's dress.
Tall Monkey in her Aunt's dress.
Monkey hard at work on her homework.
Monkey hard at work on her homework.

4 thoughts on “When did that happen!?!?”

  1. “Cool! That is awesome! I am glad you have glasses, M. They look just like mine! Do they have little red, white and blue doggie bones on the side? Maybe sometime we can dress up as each other again?” — Caitlin

    I think they look awesome, too. Tell her not to worry about the teasing, the kids will get over the new thing pretty soon. Also remind her that lots of folks with perfect vision get glasses with clear lenses. Why? Because it makes you look SMARTER! Yay us!

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