The perveristy of cats.

I sat down to post tonight, but my cat kept walking across my keyboard.

So I thought it would be funny to title a post “I wanted to write more tonight but…” and then let the cat walk all over the keyboard.  I would end the post with, “My cat kept walking across my keyboard.”

So I keyed it all up, entered the title (whilst removing said cat twice), placed the cursor (whilst removing cat once), then proceeded to stop typing to let her do her thing.  She walked over to the keyboard and wound around it seeking pets, and somehow managed not to step on a single key.

All night this creature has erased words from my docs or added gobbledygook to my pages, all by marching across my keyboard while I am working.  When I finally give up and want her on there, she deftly avoids disturbing a single key!



Now that I am done typing anything important she has no interest in my keyboard whatsoever.

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