Sometimes the ups, outnumber the downs.

The new super-powered ibuprofen I was given seems to be bringing the shadowboxer down to a dull roar.  I am still oddly aware of the right side of my face, in that it feels slightly more electrical than the left side, but it’s not making me cry anymore, so Yay!!

In other news, I got a new job this week, which is wonderful and super exciting.  I will tell more details when I am actually plugging away at it.  I am also writing a book on Evidence.  So, that should be a fun combination of time consuming activities that require me to have a normal appearing life, along with the lowering in pain necessary to do it! So Yay!

So despite the dire sounding nature of the illness I have and the complete upheaval of my family by divorce, things are shining pretty over here for a change.

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