Just click your heels together…

Winter is not my friend. It’s not even my frenemy. It’s simply a clear, crisp, diamond-studded, fluffy-flaked, season of pure hell.

It hates me.

Whatever stability I manage to achieve with my headaches and TN is immediately compromised the moment the boiling pressure systems begin to crest the horizon of the fair Mile High City and I am trapped like Rapunzel in her tower until it all passes.

Except without any singing.

Or any golden tresses.

Or any fairytale solution.

Unless, of course, you consider these to be a fairytale solution:

There's no place like home..

I kind of think they are fabulous. How did I end up with them? I am glad you asked.

So here I was in my very dark room surrounded by pets and diligently preparing for the hospital stay in a little over a week by looking up non-slip hospital socks on Amazon. Mutinous thoughts of being stuck in a hospital for an undetermined period of time were sluggishly marching through my brain when I discovered that Foot Traffic has adorable non-skid socks!

I can’t tell you why having ruby red slipper non-skid socks will help me in the hospital and I am fairly certain if I tried to you would think I need to be there for ‘other’ reasons involving my brain. However, I can tell you I am happily ordering several pairs.

Maybe I will feature them on my video blog during my stay. If I, in fact, proceed with said video blog. After all, “It’s a fabulous idea to record yourself in the hospital and put it on the internet”, said no one ever.



  Must have! 

Shark Sock

One thought on “Just click your heels together…”

  1. A girl ALWAYS needs shoes! 🙂 Even if they only LOOK like shoes. Having the right accessory builds confidence, at the very least. Isn’t living in “these days” wonderful? Technology has not only made these socks possible, but acquiring them is ALSO possible, without leaving your nest! 🙂 *hugs* I will NEVER have to ask WHY these make things easier/better.

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