On the way to Michigan for “Pain Camp”…



Electrocardiogram or fancy new fascinator?


A non-victorious bathtub part at A Victory Inn in Ann Arbor…


Resting in the new hotel, with hot water and everything…


We are waiting for Sunday. The room did not open up in time for me to be admitted yesterday. So a few more days hanging out in Chelsea with my dad. He is being very patient and sweet, resting in the room with me when my head gets too bad, walking about with me when I feel too restless to stand it anymore.

I am so glad he is here.

Best photo of all: Hazel and Penny chill out at home on Oliver’s bed. Thanks to Dan for the snapshot from home.

Cats and Dogs, living together! Mass Hysteria!!
Cats and Dogs, living together! Mass Hysteria!!

—– Update —–

We went into Chelsea for a little walk about.

We stopped by the Jiffy Mix factory:



We walked up and down the clocktower shopping area:



And we read up on the history of Chelsea’s village square:




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