If nothing ever changed…

…there would be no butterflies.

Marlena got ready for 8th grade prom today. My lovely girl, usually too tom-boyish and busy to bother with make-up and hairstyles, emerged dressed for the dance in the guise of a stunning young woman.

The theme for the dance was Black and White, so she and I found a darling dress that fit her to a “T” and spent an hour in the bathroom with makeup and a straightening iron. Of course, afterwards we had to take some pictures:

2015-05-08 (2)
Marlena shows off her prom dress.
Dreaming of dancing in a dreamy dress.
A confident young lady shines.
A confident young lady shines through.
2015-05-08 (4)
Marlena tries a runway pose.

I am happy she left for the dance confident and thrilled with her appearance, and I am pleased I was able to help put that confident smile on her face, but a small part of me wept a little as the girl riding on my dad’s shoulders here:

turned into the young woman pictured here:


A sparkling smile and a sparkle in her eye.

2 thoughts on “If nothing ever changed…”

  1. Oh Misty…oh…She is too lovely for words. I am blindedsided by this grown-up version of your girl!

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