Sleep… where have you gone?

It’s 2:20 a.m. and I am awake.


It would seem the medication I am on makes sleeping an impossibility. I lie in bed, every night, waiting to sleep. I plan out how to upcycle old furniture into new patio furniture. I plot out story devices. I think about plants.

I close my eyes and there is a flashing light behind them.

I cannot sleep.

So, I thought tonight I would update y’all instead.

When I left the hospital I had three diagnoses. 1. Intractable migraine disorder. 2. Tibomandibular joint disorder (TMD) 3. Cervicogenic headache.

I have been to see the dentist about the TMD and it is not TMD. Instead I have tendonitis and arthritis in my jaw. Downside, chewing is bad. Upside, I have lost eight pounds this month. (I am all about the silver linings, like how my inability to catch Z’s has given me time to blog.)

I am not sure how to feel about having arthritic jaw bones but I am sure there is a “you talk too much” joke out there somewhere. I do know the massive doses of steroids I am on to lower the inflammation are probably contributing to the lack of sleep.

As for the cervicogenic headache, I have an appointment to go under sedation and have anesthesia injected into my C2 through C5 joints again. I should be doing this every month until we do a more permanent version involving radio frequencies. (Yep, really, I am not wearing a tinfoil hat here. At some point my C2-C5 nerves will be turned off with radio waves.)

So for now it’s all about managing the side effects of the medications and learning to live with my headaches.

I have gardened, walked, laughed and worked. I am not what I used to be but I am better than I was.

And now, I am going to read another book while I try to meet that elusive Sandman.

2 thoughts on “Sleep… where have you gone?”

  1. I find reading something excruciatingly dull, like economic essays, does the trick. It’s interesting enough that I can start reading it, but then I’m not desperate to know what happens NEXT! Interesting novels are too engaging for sleepless nights. And I make lists of all of the things to do. Usually that gets the noise in my head to calm down. I have MANY lists.

    But, I do rather like the idea of having to update your system via radio waves. I think a remote control would be awesome. You can dial down the Misty. Turns yourself to OFF between X hour and Y hour. A little Stepford, but hey! They were efficient! 😀

    I lurve you and all of your crazy bits. (Shhh! And stop smiling! That probably hurts, too. You just have to nod sagely from now on.)

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