Sleep… where have you gone?

It’s 2:20 a.m. and I am awake.


It would seem the medication I am on makes sleeping an impossibility. I lie in bed, every night, waiting to sleep. I plan out how to upcycle old furniture into new patio furniture. I plot out story devices. I think about plants.

I close my eyes and there is a flashing light behind them.

I cannot sleep.

So, I thought tonight I would update y’all instead.

When I left the hospital I had three diagnoses. 1. Intractable migraine disorder. 2. Tibomandibular joint disorder (TMD) 3. Cervicogenic headache.

I have been to see the dentist about the TMD and it is not TMD. Instead I have tendonitis and arthritis in my jaw. Downside, chewing is bad. Upside, I have lost eight pounds this month. (I am all about the silver linings, like how my inability to catch Z’s has given me time to blog.)

I am not sure how to feel about having arthritic jaw bones but I am sure there is a “you talk too much” joke out there somewhere. I do know the massive doses of steroids I am on to lower the inflammation are probably contributing to the lack of sleep.

As for the cervicogenic headache, I have an appointment to go under sedation and have anesthesia injected into my C2 through C5 joints again. I should be doing this every month until we do a more permanent version involving radio frequencies. (Yep, really, I am not wearing a tinfoil hat here. At some point my C2-C5 nerves will be turned off with radio waves.)

So for now it’s all about managing the side effects of the medications and learning to live with my headaches.

I have gardened, walked, laughed and worked. I am not what I used to be but I am better than I was.

And now, I am going to read another book while I try to meet that elusive Sandman.

2 thoughts on “Sleep… where have you gone?”

  1. I find reading something excruciatingly dull, like economic essays, does the trick. It’s interesting enough that I can start reading it, but then I’m not desperate to know what happens NEXT! Interesting novels are too engaging for sleepless nights. And I make lists of all of the things to do. Usually that gets the noise in my head to calm down. I have MANY lists.

    But, I do rather like the idea of having to update your system via radio waves. I think a remote control would be awesome. You can dial down the Misty. Turns yourself to OFF between X hour and Y hour. A little Stepford, but hey! They were efficient! 😀

    I lurve you and all of your crazy bits. (Shhh! And stop smiling! That probably hurts, too. You just have to nod sagely from now on.)

  2. Grateful you’re better and have names of things. Love and prayers, Other Daughter.

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