One thought on “Do You Want to Know the Secret, Too?”

  1. I read it and while I agree in some parts, I spent too much of the last two years reading about Family of Origin issue stuff for me to agree with him that it’s as simple as ‘men and women just can’t understand one another’. I think there’s a lot more actual psychology in how it all goes down and breaks apart. Yes, the WAY we talk to one another also comes into play, but the desire to protect ourselves from everyone ELSE in the world that we perceive as a threat comes from deeper issues than training on how to listen.

    And it sucks. No matter what the reason is. It sucks. It’s a death. And there is all the grieving with very little empathy as to just what you’ve lost. When everyone is so busy trying to blame SOMEONE for what went wrong, there’s no room left to grieve our losses. And we HAVE lost the closest person to our hearts.

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