Insane in the dream brain…


Last night I had a dream that I began drawing a comic strip about my brain.

Unfortunately, my dream self is a much better artist than my actual self.

In my dream comic, a brain on legs with funky little eyeballs was doing random things to me throughout the day such as;

1. Turning to me while I am driving and shooting a camera flash off repeatedly.

2. Tightening a vise around my head while I am drinking my coffee, then looking at me and rudely saying “What?!”

3. Playing jump rope on my skull while I am trying to sleep.

4. Poking sharp points into my temples every few minutes and then pretending he didn’t do it.

(Hmmm… not sure why my brain is depicted in my dreams as he…)

I cannot decide what the dream means. Was it just a nightmare with a visual manifestation of my migraines or is my subconscious telling me to quit law and go to art school so I can better express, through comic art, the problems faced by migraine patients around the world?

One thought on “Insane in the dream brain…”

  1. Your googly eyed brain critter is cute! And an asshole. But we’ve known your gremlins are jerks for awhile now. 😀

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