Three steps forward…

Despite this week’s uncanny decision to render me miserable after I posted such happy thoughts of managing my illness I am bouncing back. Today I am at the gallery, surrounded by stunning things. I am so blessed to have such a lovely place to be and such an understanding work family. How many people can barely manage a 60% attendance at work and still feel like a valued member of the team?

I am also getting my Empathy Fish up on my website today. I have photographed them for posterity and have ordered Giclee samples so I can see if they work as limited edition prints.

I have four ready for sale and another that just needs touches to be ready. Already there is something large and tentacled floating around in my mind, awaiting time to set paint to paper.

This upcoming month is going to be a challenging one with two different shows for my jewelry. I am doing my best to be prepared and to carefully manage my spoons. Here’s to hoping I can succeed!

I wish you all the best today, here it’s cool and sunny, a perfect day for walking around.

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