Thankful for a good doc…

Good doctors make all the difference.

Did you know Topomax sprinkle tablets are special order and the normal pharmacy can’t fill them like anything else?

Neither did I! That is until Saturday when I was out of the medication I needed because I waited to fill it until my appointment Friday afternoon because I wasn’t sure what direction we were going next.

The pharmacy called me to tell me it would be three days before I could get the meds anywhere without a change in the script from the doctor. Now my neuro is lovely but come on. The man works long weeks. I can’t possible expect him to come in and check his messages on Saturdays.

I am telling you, he did.

Then he called me, went into my chart, changed the prescription to one the pharmacy could fill immediately, and wished me a happy weekend.

I could crochet this man a blanket.

Stay safe loves.

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