Sing us a song of softness
cradling our head molded in shreds
who has delivered us who?
now that the neck pain is dead?

I named my new pillow Nagaina, the female cobra from Rikki Tiki Tavi, because her long supple noodle shape is reminiscent of a snake and I’ve always liked the name.

In a desperate search for comfort born of the seasonal shift induced fibro flare up of the past two weeks I purchased the Milliard U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow to see if maybe some excessive pillow support could put an end to weeks of sleepless tossing and turning and waking with completely stiff neck and shoulders.

It did. I love her. I wanted to live in a world that consists of only shredded memory foam noodles.

My smallest dog became immediately obsessed with her as well and has claimed her “left” leg as her own, curling up on it and against whatever supporting body part of mine she needs at the time to stay on said cozy surface.

I’m happy to say actual sleep was accomplished last night and now, I’m off to try and get some more.

Oh yes, I am also turning many of these posts into podcasts, a link to which is available in the side column. Feel free to visit if you would like to be lulled into … something… by the dulcet tones of my voice.

Stay safe.

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