To Distraction!

Did you know that focusing directly on your pain can inhibit your body’s ability to produce pain fighting endorphins?

Apparently if you hurt and you lie there thinking about it you can actually make yourself hurt more. This may be why I feel better when watching t.v. or reading a book than I do when trying to go to sleep at night or waking up first thing in the morning. Having something distract me from my discomfort has been more helpful than any pain killer.

The trick is managing the distractions in a way that doesn’t use up all my spoons. I can visit with people a couple of times a week but the gatherings have to be small and end early or else I sleep for days afterwards and feel like I can never wake up. I can work and clean, but I have to have days to rest in between. When I am resting I have to have distraction with minimal effort.

So how do I rest with minimal distraction and still improve my mind? After all, there are only so many hours one can watch television or read before going quietly mad and if I crochet one more hat I am going to strangle someone with yarn.

Don’t worry. I have plans. Evidence blogs, coding classes, sign language classes online, app development classes. The whole kit and caboodle. I may need to lie down and rest a lot, but there is a lot a person can do lying down.

3 thoughts on “To Distraction!”

  1. Right there with you darlin’… teaching myself Drupal and CSS and HTML5 and other coding languages to keep from going crazy while they tell me I cannot drive, cannot bath alone, cannot cook, cannot go for walks alone, cannot operate any machinery, etc etc etc… it will get better.. I am on the waiting list for the headache clinic at UW now.

  2. I’m happy for you & the plans you are making: way to go! *hugs* I have another friend who experiences a different kind of mostly constant pain, who agrees: as long as he has something IMPORTANT to do which of course distracts from the pain, it is mostly bearable. *wink*

  3. Thanks, Misty, for these words of wisdom today. I will take them to heart. I also am awakened by pain nightly, and have to pace myself. Getting out of bed is the hardest thing I do. Bless you for sharing your recovery process. Love you.

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