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The Art of Pain…

Evening came and went and whilst my love was sleeping the creativity I sought all day long surfaced in a rush. Sleep became impossible and I gave up trying when evening turned to night. In the quiet darkness of my house I crept to my desk and turned sleepless discomfort into shiny things. I found comfort in the act of shaping metal and pairing stone.


The work is quiet and takes little physical energy, though it can often leave me exhausted if I do too much. I find sleep again after a few pieces are finished, my former restlessness replaced with satisfaction.

The Art of Pain…

Every morning I wake up and have to force myself out of bed. It’s difficult because I know most of the time moving around and doing something is going to distract me from my pain but I also know doing too much will tire me out a lot.

I have found getting lost in an art project goes a long way to bridging these problems. When I make jewelry or a display piece or paint I am distracted enough that I reduce my discomfort without spending all of my spoons.

Yesterday I spent a few hours working up some new hair pins for display at The Cutting Edge Salon:


Today I am trying to climb out of a pretty high level of pain so we’ll see if I can do any fine work. I may just glue paper onto canvas to create some displays for my upcoming show.

Sometimes the best I can do is as basic as paste paper here, cut paper there.